Tuesday, July 7, 2009

OAW - Radical Makeover

This week's OAW challenge is based on Season 2, Episode 9.  The Project Runway designers were asked to make over a fellow contestant to give them a new look. Us jewelry contestants were asked to go through our own jewelry boxes, unfinished projects, piles of scrap etc and breathe new life into them.

So yesterday morning I went into the bathroom cabinet where I've kept boxes and boxes of my Mother's and my old jewelry for too many years to think about. My Mom died in 1978 and I've never been able to donate any of her old gems. I still have some of her clothes hanging in my closet too. "Out of the Closet" (my favorite thrift store) is definitely in their future this year.

Just look at it all!

Disco Days. The brooch and the expandable cuff bracelet are my Moms', but the four glittery bracelets on the left were my own purchase. Yeesh.

More disco loveliness. These are clip on earrings that I even wore to work.

Hippie wannabe. Except it was 1983.

Remember this logo from "Love Story"? I saw it for sale on Etsy a while ago. Wish I remembered what she asked for it.

When I was in 11th grade, I was trying to think of a stage name for my illustrious singing career. Michael Learned from "The Waltons" intrigued me and I was trying to come up with another man's name that would work for a woman. I ran into a secret crush at a department store and told him what I was thinking of and he said "You look more like a Lora Lust to me". Oh be still my beating heart. I actually wore this pin all the time. I also had a "gold and diamond" LUST bracelet. Ah youth.

I'm very pleased to have re-discovered these. My baby bracelet, the earrings my Mother wore when she and Daddy got married (in Las Vegas) and my Dad's dog tag.

But I've decided to work with silver. So here are some pieces that I never finished, odds and ends of scrap and stones and buttons that are catching my eye this morning. The project is due tomorrow, so I'd better get my butt in gear!


Lynette said...

wow.........I am sooooooooo jealous!!!!! seriously!

eve said...

Oh what a great collection of jewellery and bits and bobs, would love to rumage through this lot, good luck with the challenge

Ruth said...

Great reminiscing. Always enjoy a blast from past.

Anonymous said...

treasure after treasure after treasure...wonderful stuff!