Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OAW -Colour Me Right!

So, the final work of last week's avant garde challenge is yet to be posted. Victoria is the only one to have finished in time. I was feeling punk yesterday and wasn't able to get to it, Rachelle and Alisa aren't done either - hopefully it will be posted by this evening.

But since my curating duties start this week, I'm posting the next theme. It's another one from our sister to the north, Canada! Season 2, Episode 3 to be exact. The designers were put into pairs for this team Challenge with each couple asked to design two outfits. The first was to be a sophisticated day look and the second a dramatic evening look, based on the L'Oréal Paris colour story for Spring 2009.

All of us work in silver and mostly leave it at that, so even though the PR designers worked with a lot of beiges and browns   - I'm thinkin' that for our challenge each design should incorporate Blazing Color! No neutrals - luscious, regal, natural (or not) living color! Whether we choose a daytime or evening look is up to us.

Can't wait till next Monday evening to see what shades we all pull out of the crayon box.

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