Friday, July 10, 2009


• The next OAW challenge is based on season 4, episode 8's "En Garde!" The PR designers were teamed up and asked to design an avant garde creation based on their model's wacky hairstyles. Then in the middle of their prep, they're told they also have to design a ready to wear version of their confection. For our jewelry challenge we won't team up, and we don't *have* to do both looks, but we can if we want/have time/ are inspired. Can't wait to see what develops. Mwah ha ha.
Alisa is really busy at the moment and it looks like I'll be hosting the challenges until the end of September at which time I think we'll break for winter (and the holiday show/sale season). I'm really excited about this. The host job will be the biggest challenge for me considering I don't have cable and have never seen the show on TV, only on You Tube! So if you have any favorite episodes, please send me the season, episode # and title and I'll add them to the list. Thanks Alisa, for bringing the challenge back this season and doing such a great job of finding fun shows to emulate!

three leaves necklace
Alisa's Three Leaves Necklace

The other regular players are: Mike and Mary (really Mike and Rachele), Victoria and Nina (oh, and of course myself). I think we may occasionally have some guest players too and you're invited to challenge yourselves along with us. 

• I still have 3 spaces in my Level One Certification class on July 25, 26. The class will take place in Venice and what could be better than the beach and metal clay play! Won't you come and join us?

• My chapter of the PMC Guild has a new page up on which, aherm, I wrote. Check it out!

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