Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Glamor Schlamor

It looks like only Victoria and I got it together for the One a Week challenge. Remember it was based on Season 1 Episode 5 from Oz. 1960's movie star glamor.
7.27.09-PRJC- by experimetal
Victoria isn't into the whole glamor thing and decided to make another kind of 1960's statement. Look at that beautiful enamel work!

And I thought I'd try my hand at a circle pin. My Mom used to wear them all the time and *I* thought they were very glamorous.

Circle Pin#1

I like the form I made, but when I tried to cover the whole thing with Keum Boo foil, my design took a left turn. I wanted to experiment as a prep for one of the Master's Registry tasks, but I know now, I'll make something much more simple. There are a million layers of foil on this and I still couldn't achieve full coverage. Blast! But I love it in gold, so maybe I'll have the next version vermeiled.

And when I tried to attach the brooch to a sweater, the dang pin mechanism broke! Too long on the heat? So I'm going to saw off the pin, put the circle back in the kiln and see if the gold will sink into the silver. Then maybe some enamel. Paige gave me a few really pretty colors to try.

Next week's challenge is based on Season 5, Episode 9 - "What's Your Sign?". We'll use any sign of the zodiac for our inspiration and the interpretation is up to us. Wonder what I'll come up with this time. Wanna join us?

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Experimetal said...

your brooch is fabulous Lora!
It is really pretty in gold.

I "DO" like glamour, but I wanted to make a exaggerated funny version of an "icon" that was used in the 60-70's era, and now ALSO has popped up in the present, as Emoticons ":)"
that darn yellow smiley! So I was presented with the challenge of how to make a statement with a smiley...and so my giant un-smiley on brown leather was born......
oh you can take off the giant pendant and flip it around to a frowning un-smiley on the other side....

thankks for hosting Lora!