Tuesday, July 14, 2009

En Garde!

Finally finished my challenge project and took pics. Woo Hoo! I was inspired by a wacky hairdo of my own that I sported in the 80's. Heaven help us. I also had in mind a fire that was blazing near the Getty museum. We've had such dry winters that the hills of LA are being threatened more than ever. If there's no rain after the fire season (isn't it sad that we *have* a fire season), then little green grasses barely get the chance to grow, which means that all that old dried out wood and brush goes up in flames just that much faster.

So's this avante garde enough for you? I hardly consider myself a cutting edge designer and this was realllly a challenge for me to even wrap my imagination around. I decided to think of this project as a prototype so I made this cuff out of polymer clay gilded with copper foil. The "denuded trees" are bits of my palm tree which were blown down in the last wind storm. This idea might actually make an interesting production design. I'll have to let it stew a bit. 

I'm sure that Alisa will get her last post up sometime later this evening or Wednesday, so be sure to check her blog periodically for  pics of all the challenger's work, but aren't these two entries from Nina and Victoria amazing?!  

Project Runway Jewelry Challenge by Nina Gibson DesignsPRJC-EnGarde' (3) by experimetal
          Tiara and Earrings by Nina Gibson              Cuff bracelet by Victoria Takahashi

Remember to tune in next Monday after 6 PST to see the next colorful creations.


Susan Dilger said...

WOW! Great fun..... and definitely a departure for you. I bet it was a kick going "over the top" on the design!

Michelle Ross said...

Cool! I can definitely see how you can modify that into a metal clay cuff....I've already got an idea from it, thanks Lora!!!

Experimetal said...

Lora thats REALLY cool!
This challenge was hard for me too :/
Its like a sculpture I love it!
I cant wait to see what new pieces it inspires!
thanks for sharing, posting and hosting!

Laura Crawford said...

I love them all! Lora - your cuff is fantastic and so beautiful - and I would love to see the idea continue to develop. :)