Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Color Me Wowed!

I'm super happy with all the pieces for my first curated edition of the PR challenge!
I really love the intricate mosaic texture from Nina Gibson: "I perforated a piece of sterling silver sheet with many tiny holes, made an interesting bail to turn it into a pendant, and then sewed tiny colorful seed beads into the holes. The colors gradate from orange to pink with shades of red in between. There's something great about the texture that seed beads make when sewn snugly together that I've always loved, and I've wanted to use seed beads on metal like a cross stitch pattern for a while, so here it is!"

And just look at all the fabulousness from Victoria Takahashi. "This piece didn't start out to be this way!? It is a collage of 100 "ORANGE" items i found in my house. I hope as a whole the accumulation of color would make the "Blazing Color" that was to fulfill this weeks challenge. Think about it, "100" things in your house...."

I chose to continue with my Linenfold experiments and add some color with enamels. My first time enameling in the Ultra Lite kiln, which I love! Takes longer for the enamel to melt, but this is good for me. I could actually double task - make a sandwich or check e-mail and be sure that the glass wasn't burning.

I was a little heavy handed with the sifting, considering I didn't actually use a sifter (forgot to buy one) and just poured from the bottle. So I had to drag out the diamond burrs and grind a little and re fire, but I liked the practice of fixing mistakes. I also sanded the enamel with 320 wet dry sandpaper so it would look a little less shiny and a bit more like satin. I think I'll get some etching creme and see what that does to the surface next time.

Next week's challenge is fashioned after Season 1 Episode 5 from Australia! the PR designers were grouped into teams of three to come up with a matching line of work based on Loreal Paris' Spring Collection called "Angelic". The inspiration board for Angelic referenced 1960's European movie star glamour. This is such an amazing decade - everything from the grace and elegance of the Camelot era to the wild and experimental times of the mods and hippies. I just know there will be some out of this world designs materializing here next week.


Experimetal said...

Lora your piece is fantastic!
like I said before I love the little green silk and button addition to the side it ties it in very nicely to me.
Did you realize that your blog is the similar color!? tee hee!

thank you for hosting you are doing a fab job!!!

Ruth said...

Love your lime piece - my favorite color! Beautiful enamel color. Like the other pieces too. Sounds fun to curate.

Pat said...

Very nice piece! Between this piece and Pam East's presentations at MCWC, I'm inspired to drag out my Ultra Lite and get some color going on!

maggie said...

Beautiful piece Lora! Love the colour too! Works well, your draped pieces in general and now with colour, too cool!