Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy - Blue Edition

1. ewa franczak, 2. IMG_1982, 3. another last supper pin, 4. Roman-German Museum, Cologne, excavations in cologne of 2000years of history, 1044, 5. Underwater Love necklace, 6. iwaki yu, 7. smokey quartz earrings, 8. art jewelry money silver pearl basket ring ooley, 9. In a box on the attic, 10. E660, 11. flora vagi, 12. ARRECIFE, 13. tube sponges from above, 14. jan suchodolski - naszyjnik, 15. Close up, 16. Stigworks 100, Kinetic U Bangle 8   Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I'm feelin' a little blue today, so I thought I'd indulge the emotion and derive some inspiration from it.

Hope your weekend is a colorful one. Check out Paige, Christine and Michelle's collections.


Chocolate and Steel said...

all great selections! I really like the bangle at the bottom (kinetic u bangle 8). Such great talent.

Paige said...

Love love love flora vagi. Number 11. Wow what cool work. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle Ross said...

Yummeee! You know blue is not my favorite color, but these are really cool. I especially like lucky # 13. Wow, that's really blue!

kvk said...

Greetings Lora,
Just discovered your blog - really great! Love your eye candy entries and especially love this week's #6 - Iwaki Yu. I'm looking forward to perusing your vast assortment of links as well.
- Kathy VK
p.s. I'll have something in the new Annual as well - no idea what they selected.

Ruth said...

Hope your blue mood has lifted.

Elaine said...

I love your eye candy posts! And when I do the fd flickr tools thing it takes forever, so I really appreciate the time I know you put into them!