Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Use Your Imagination...

Well, Paige used the wide angle lens by mistake and stood too close while snapping the shutter, so unfortunately the pic is  out of focus - but at least you can see just how creative my guild chapter is! 

Top row: the red one in the upper left is completely covered in seed beads, the larger blue one with the heart has a wooden top, kind of like the false roofline fronts on buildings in the old west, the pink one has a naked flapper lady and was embellished with big rhinestones "borrowed" from the costumers from Dancing With The Stars, the animal print one was made by a member who owns more animal print than Tarzan. ;-)

Second row: The first one was a really intricate collage, the second in this row had five sides covered with polymer clay caning so the inner box operated like a little drawer complete with handle, the daisy one was made using a Cuttlebug embossing machine and had a Swarovski "drawer pull", another collage embellished with beads and snakes if I remember correctly, I loved the feathers on the next one, and the one on the very bottom was mine. Made with a piece of very thin etched copper that I bought on Etsy and a piece cut from a die cut greeting card.

The insides and walls of the inner boxes were all decorated and covered too. Some of the little trinkets were wrapped in tissue and were all so lovely. I really liked this trade and hope we do another one soon.

I'm gonna play with some CopprClay today. Planning on doin' a little sketchin' too. Imagine that. Designing a piece with some forethought. The times, they are a changin'. ;-) 

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HappyDayArt! said...

Those are really great Lora! I like the description of yours. I bet it looks wonderful close-up.

Designing a piece with forethought? No! Not that!

I can hardly wait to see it.

xo Catherine