Monday, June 22, 2009

Flower Power!

What a lovely morning I've had so far!! And it's only 7:30. Nice. ;-)

This week's challenge was "Flower Power". Visit a flower market or shop and find materials to make a piece of jewelry. I just visited my neighbor's yards. Anything that stuck out past the fence I considered fair game! 

I finished my One a Week project and took photos. I love the way these turned out. I'm going to wear them to an interview! Think they'll think I'm a little nuts?

Each of these components was just so lush that I had to use them both. The grass looks like the tail of a red fox. I petted it the whole way home. And the purple flowers are so velvety. I can totally see them adorning a fabulous Fin de Siecle hat on it's way to a garden party.

The little silver caps are of course metal clay festooned with flowers and vines. Be sure to visit Alisa, Rachel, Mike and new player's Victoria and Nina to see what fabulous things they came up with.

While I was uploading the photos onto Flickr, Susan Dilger FB'd to tell me my Woodland Altar was featured on Metal Clay Magic,  a wonderful new blog by Wendy McManus dedicated to metal clay. Such a sweet surprise.

My interview later this morning is at Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre California. Wish me luck. I'd love to teach there. A great facility, with an especially tempting gift shop. Gotta love it.

Wonder what the afternoon will bring. It has a lot to live up to. Have yourself a lovely day as well.


NinaGibsonDesigns said...

Lovely and so romantic! Such a fun challenge!

Wendy McManus said...

Thanks so much for the mention of my new blog and the link.

Aja Vaz said...

Love the feathery look of the loops, yummy colors, too!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks Nina and Aja. And Wendy - Thank *you*!

Susan D said...

LOVE the earrings! How'd the interview go? Well, I hope. It WAS a fun packed day for you! WOO HOO!

Ruth said...

Love the earrings. Hope the interview goes well.

Chocolate and Steel said...

how saucy! you are so creative:)