Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival...

Image via RozArt

Step right this way...  Each month a group of jewelry artists use their blogs to get together online and answer the same question - each in their own way. This month the topic is: 

Who is your most influential teacher or artist?

Teachers: I've loved every single one of my paid teachers. My fabrication teachers have really helped me spread my wings. Given me the confidence to solder, pierce metal, set stones. And knowing how to do all these tasks has given me the confidence to experiment on my own with various fabrication techniques that I've studied in books or noticed in another artist's work.

Cynthia Eid

Workshop teachers like Cynthia Eid, Suzanne Kustner and Robert Dancik have given me a glimpse into advanced techniques that might never appear in my jewelry, but have broadened my view of my own potential. 

Barbara Becker Simon

My metal clay teachers have shared their passion, their generosity and their personal modus operandi, tips & tricks - which in turn has inspired me to do the same with my own students. They've all influenced me in one way or another. Always to my benefit, but not necessarily directly influencing my style, my methods or my aesthetic.

Eric Silva

Artists: I can't think of a single artist whose work hasn't affected me. Some with the inspiration to  push myself to the next level, some with an insight of what to take more care with when creating. Sometimes when I look at a particular piece or body of work I sigh and say "I want to be her or him when I grow up", or sometimes I just lust after it - wanting to add that idea of perfection to my private collection. 

Ann Jenkins

These feelings are the ultimate compliment in my view. The artist has made such an impact that I want to curl up in their brain to see the wheels turn. I do have favorites. And when I look at their work with intent - I try to break down the elements, to try and figure out what exactly it *is* that so affects me. Is it the image itself, the craftsmanship, the imagination behind the design? 

Allison Bone

I know I don't have the skill of some of these icons, my mind doesn't work in the same way, my artistic vocabulary is less informed than those with 30 years of experience or a university degree (and the education, experimentation and freedom that came with it). 

Andy Cooperman

But when I feel myself beginning to take a step off center, to reconsider my path, to dream a new dream - I know that everyone, everything, every sight has had a smoldering influence on me. And that's a good thing.

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Tod Pardon said...

Very nice to meet you Lora. Thanks for having me in this Carnival. You've picked out some great influences there. Rat's I thought we were limited to one ;-)

Susan D said...

Hah! Limiting Lora to just one???? Seriously, I SO appreciate your thought process on the influence (even indirectly) of various teachers and other artists. And is there a soul out there who isn't a teeny bit envious of another artist's fabulous work? I think "why couldn't "I" think of that"? But I am happiest when I find myself stepping outside my comfort zone. I guess that's what a great teacher helps you do!

Anonymous said...

Lora, I chose just one like Tod. But it is very cool because all of you have written about my other idols.

Tamra said...

Ooooo, nice choices. Cynthia, Barbara and Andy are three of my faves too! I LOVE Andy Cooperman's work...