Thursday, May 7, 2009

Take a Picture Why Don't You!

The theme for this week's One A Week challenge is taken from Bright Lights, Big City.  Take a walk, take a picture, make somethin' pretty. Simple.  

I was kinda pressed for time, seein' how as I didn't see the instructions until Monday, so I used a picture that I had taken in my neighborhood a while ago. Each time I walk past the house, I love the serene feeling I get when I look at this Buddha fountain. I'm sure the homeowners think I'm stalking them or something. My photo was taken on a rainy morning, when the sunlight was diffused and the air was misty.

What do you think the granulation beads symbolize? Rain drops or the carved tendrils of Buddha's coiffure? I especially like how the sparingly applied Keum Boo foil is evocative of the weathered surface of the fountain's basin.

This will be in my shop next week!

 Alisa, Mike and Rochelle designed some delectable gems themselves.  Be sure you take a look! 


Pat Evans said...

Lora, this is a lovely piece. I'd love to see more examples similar to this one of how you translate inspiration. I have a tendency to be too literal, and I'm trying to learn to extract the essence more. This post gave me a kick start. Thanks!

Chocolate and Steel said...

very pretty. it totally seems perfect for a rainy day.

Paige said...

great translation. I love your take on the image.

Laura Crawford said...

I love how this turned out! To me, the surface treatment echoes the beautiful algae growing up the side of the cement. :)

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks Laura! You're the first one to see the algae in the image.

And Pat, that's a great idea for a full post! Thanks for the inspiration. I'll try to write it this month sometime.