Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fly on the Wall?

Some of you might know that I used to be a make-up artist for TV commercials. 17 years worth! I left that world in 2000 when I found the magic of metal clay and folks are always asking me if I miss it. And the answer is - really... not so much. Once you're in it, it's not glamorous or without political drama, exhaustion and annoyances. I definitely miss the money. Who wouldn't! But one of the few aspects I did really enjoy, that I'd love to experience again, is the access to forbidden places. 

The "back stage" of Disneyland was always fun to explore, especially early in the wee hours with no fun seekers in the way. Going into costume houses with my stylist friends always gave me a little thrill when I would spy something worn by Vivian Leigh or Charlie Chaplin. 

And I always loved going into peoples personal spaces, homes, back rooms. You know how people rent their houses out to production companies to shoot commercials? Well I have a particular fondness for looking at old architectural details, floor plans, wall paper... I wonder why they made that choice, where they got that thing, how they could have painted anything that color! 

I like snooping through open houses.  So did my Dad. He and his wife would intentionally drive around on Sundays looking for For Sale signs. Like Daddy - like daughter. 

And I still get a boost looking into other peoples lives.  I bought a vase from a great ceramist named Whitney Smith a little while ago and just discovered that she's made a video of her dry throwing technique.  A little look into the work methods of an artist I admire. What could be better for my voyeuristic tendencies! And I thought I'd share with you too. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Ruth said...

I, too, love the work of Whitney Smith. By the looks of her Etsy site, many, many more people also love her! Thanks for sharing this.

Ruth said...

Another Ruth..... I loved watching the wheel! Beautiful shapes. Would love to do that! Have you ever tried these miniature wheels that I've heard some people use with metal clay?