Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Somewhere In Time

I love the look of aging objects. Peeling paint, rusted door handles, the weather worn patina of Italian marble. Anything that smacks of history fascinates me. I've lost the lust to live in the past though. I like brushing my teeth thank you very much.  And hot baths. And paved streets. But still my art seems to hearken back to a distant era.

This pendant makes me think of a fragment broken off of the shield of one of the Knights Templar while suffering a case of romanticus interruptus (so sad that the lady's father returned too soon). To re create the texture of a newly unearthed artifact I screened thick layers of slip through a decorative template and after it was dry, used my fingernails to chip away the edges. I love the way the perfectly smooth white pearl adds a lustrous contrast to the distressed design.

Wear Frangere alone or layered with a selection of other jewels to pay homage to the queen within you.  Find it in my Etsy shop.


Chocolate and Steel said...

It does look like a found object. really beautiful. The pearl is the perfect touch too.

kait said...

I must say, your love of the historical really comes through in all your work. It's one of the things I really enjoy about it, the references to the past, but with an updated imprint uniquely yours.:)

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks Kait and Christine! I do love the slip printing technique. I need to come up with a design of my own and make a template.

Thanks for your support and comments.