Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Got Storage?

All of these cute little boxes are filled with jump rings. Each different. Each labeled with gauge, inner diameter and outer diameter. Some labeled with price per ring, some not.

These are even more baggies of jump rings for which I have no cute boxes. My best guess is that there are duplicates which were purchased from different vendors. I haven't checked yet.

Will someone tell me why I have so many jump rings when I use so few? I used to keep them in the baggies they had been shipped in which were in turn housed in those plastic sleeves designed to hold photo slides, but plastic slides on plastic and they were always falling out - so I'm hoping that keeping each style in it's own box will help to keep them organized.

How do you store all your little components? This is not an idle question. My inquiring mind really does want to know. Has anyone figured out the pi├Ęce de resistance of storage solutions? Share please.


Sue said...

Very impressive! I keep the two sizes I use on my simple pendants in tiny plastic containers on my bench. My bench is covered in random jump rings, clasps and bits of wire, amongst other things. Organization is not my strong suit, but I can find everything in my mess! I keep my finished pendants in plastic storage boxes, but they generally sit finished on my bench for awhile before migrating.

Wendy said...

I think you have found a pretty good organizational system. I have seen quite a few myself. I just use the plastic boxes with different sections but I definitely like your system and will be looking for those little boxes.
I have an artist friend who does jewelry and she has some pretty clever things that her ex made for her.

Nicola said...

I uses stacker tubes - they all screw together. Love your solution though. Very neat :)

Nic x

kait said...

I just use plastic bags, but boy, am I coveting those little boxes! I not only love organizing things, but also little matching boxes and sets of just about anything. I could easily get distracted by organizing everything into little containers....

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. Those little boxes come all contained in a bigger, equally as wonderful box and you can get the whole shebang at Harbor Freight! Nine bucks.

I'm heavily into containers too Kait. Just love em. I'm an organizing fool. If only I could keep things neat once I containerize them.