Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Done and Done!

Got up... Got outta bed... and got started on finishing yesterday's bead projects. I love them! The class project is to make a box bead with a little frame and then next week we'll use resin to set ephemera, found objects or whatever the student imagines.

The Beholder

This is a photo of my Mom. Well, her eye at any rate. My Mom died when I was 22 and this is from one of my favorite photographs. The gold "granulation" beads are actually those miniscule glass beads that are sold in all kinds of fabulous colors at Michael's.

Relic of a Future Past

This is a rusty remnant that Paige brought home from her travels in New York. She found all kinds of lovely treasures while combing the beach and was kind enough to gift me with a few choice tidbits.

As for last night, it was sooo fun! We went out for a fancy dinner at L.A. Live, a new entertainment area across the street and had din din at a restaurant called Rock'n Fish. Yum. A bit pricey, but hey it was the World Championships after all.

So we get our tickets at will call, and they direct us to enter at the VIP entrance. Wow. Very important indeed. We were in a great location and could see everything. Turns out it wasn't the Opening Ceremonies (they were earlier in the afternoon), but the pairs short program. I could see the judges seats, the "kiss and cry" area and even the place where various networks were set up. I had a lovely long distance view of Scott Hamilton! Love him.

We saw about 4 or 5 groups of 8 pairs separated by intermission-y  Zamboni  entertainment. Did you know that their are people who come out and drop bits of snow in the holes created by the skate blade's toe picks?  Kind of like replacing the chuckers in a polo match or the divits in golf. 

This competition was the first appearance at World's for most of the first group or two. And you could tell. But the last two groups were wonderful! Canada, China and of course the U.S. are the ones to look out for.

Don't know who won the night, 'cos it was late and freezing and we decided to book for home. We were there from 7 till 10:30 though so I don't feel bad. They still have to skate their long program and then we'll see who brings home the gold. Can't wait to see the coverage on TV.


Vickie Hallmark said...

The Beholder is just lovely.

I'm jealous of your figure skating VIP outing. I love watching!

Maggie Bergman said...

Beautiful Lora!

Paige said...

I love the beholder also amazing. It actually took my breath away when the page opened. Amazing.

Angela said...

Lora, Lora, Lora !!! Good you slept over it. :o) You've done it, you've outdone yourself. This is such a beautiful and meaningful piece ! I absolutely love it. All of it, inside and out ! How is it I never think of coming up with stuff like that ?! It's your style with just the right pinch of specialness ! You'll have to submit it somewhere.

Cherylyn said...

love the box bead!

montserrat lacomba said...

I really love all pieces but specially The Beholder, for me it's full of mistery and demands me full attention!