Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Answer To My Prayers...

I had the loveliest day yesterday. I drove down to San Diego to see my friend Tonya Davidson who was teaching at Sha Sha - A Bead Spa (what a great name). She had just finished a three day Rio Certification class and was doing a one day all about resin. No metal clay - just all types of resins and mold making. I got there just in time for lunch (how convenient), got to see her teach (I love seeing how other teachers do their thing) and then had a wonderful dinner out afterwards. I'm trying to convince her to come back for a couple days of plain old vacation and fun with girls. Wish me luck.

Sha Sha is usually closed on Mondays, and I had the time to wander through it and look at all the goodies to my heart's content. And what to my wandering eye did appear, but the BEST little box filled with little containers just the right size for.... Jump Rings!!! Louise (the owner) sells the tiny containers separately so you can arrange the storage just the way you want to. I got 11 small, 11 medium and 11 large. There are actually more sizes including one that runs the entire length of the box, but the ones I chose are perfect.

So that's 33 containers. And didn't I fill almost all of them with my hoard of JR's. 32 to be exact. Now, I ask you again... WHY do I own all these jump rings when I hardly ever use them? Some must be 10 years old from my stringing days. There are closed (soldered) ones, split rings, triangle shaped ones... I could open a store myself. And yes, I had many duplicates. I used my calipers to check inner and outer diameters and my B&S wire gauge to check the gauges so I could consolidate them.

Did you know that some manufacturers of jump rings (I don't make my own) label their packets with the inner diameter and some with the outer diameter? So you might order a 4mm jump ring from one source and a 4mm jump ring from another source and get two different sizes entirely! And even though they might say 4mm they might actually be 3.9 or 4.2 or some other funny fraction. Frustrating. But now I have them all organized, labeled and put away and I feel so fancy free and easy! Ha! If she'd had more in stock I'd have gotten some extra's for myself and a few for friends. But no luck. Maybe when she gets more in she'll ship 'em up north. Now I just have to think of what I can put into those other boxes I thought were so great last week.  I'm fickle aren't I?

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HappyDayArt! said...

I'm glad you had all that fun! It is great to connect with your friends, not to mention getting to look through a bead store without anyone else there. What a luxurious experience! I like both types of little boxes you got but these are definitely the best for just being able to see the rings.

I'm starting to feel like we are pen and video pals for all the avenues open to us to get in touch. Add in phone there and I think I will look into that skype thing soon as soon as I have a spare moment. Thanks for keeping me posted on your exploits. Wish I could add Gaitlinburg onto my travel list but I think my husband might divorce me if I was away any more than I am already scheduled.

Of course I plan on going to the next conference so there is hope for real life contact. xo later C