Friday, February 20, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival!

Image via Carnival Prize

Step right this way... Each month a group of jewelry artists use their blogs to get together online and answer the same question - each in their own way.  The topic this month is:

Do you have any creative Rituals?

Rituals? I love ritual. I love the consistency and regularity of daily ritual and I love the pageantry of religious and social ritual. 

For instance I looove Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, although I'm Jewish and don't believe in the teachings (is that wrong?). The incense, the beautiful robes, the music (oh, the music!). I also love the Torah procession at Shul (a Yiddish word for Synagogue or meeting place). The comfort of being able to touch the scroll as it is presented to each congregant.

I love the ritual of graduations -the donning of robes derived from medieval patterns of scholarly dress, the passing of the tassel from one side of the mortarboard to the other. And especially apropos to this weekend, I love award rituals. Although I'm not a huge fan of entertainment awards in general, I do love me some Oscar™!

And I have some personal rituals myself. When I wake up each morning, I get down on the floor to allow my cat to wind his way around me, head butting and purring before snatching him up onto my chest for some proper kisses and snuggles. Then I go straight to my desk to check e-mails and see what new treasures my friends have posted on Flickr.  

But creative rituals? I'm not sure I have any. I don't play soothing music or clear my bench top on a consistent basis. I don't do sketches or regularly visit museums. I'm organized, but I'm not sure that that counts. I do have stacks of trays which hold my unfinished work. One for silver, one for bronze, one for fired, one for greenware, etc. I've got a set of tools for teaching, one for home use, and a special set for bronze. I made a "vision" board two years ago but have never changed out any of the pictures or other ephemera.

So, I guess I have to say "no". I don't have any creative rituals that help me in my work.  But now that I'm consciously thinking about it. I think I should. I love Robert Dancik's ritualistic use of a singing bowl before each workshop begins.  And I ordered one for myself last week. Maybe that soothing tone will help to get my creative juices flowing and I can initiate a new creative ritual for myself.

Now don't forget about completing the ritual of our carnival. Be sure to check out what the other carny's think about creative rituals.


Tonya Davidson said...

I got a singing bowl last year and have had a hard time making it "sing". The dogs love it though! I need more practice with the coordination of the stick and bowl and steady pressure. I'll have to shoot you a picture of mine...on it's pretty pillow. Ahhh Robert....he's an inspiration!

WearableByDesign said...

I do almost the same as you, and have my bench set up similarly.

Usually, I've got several ideas swimming around in my head at any given time and am really excited to make them, but lately, the well has gone dry.

I guess I'll riffle through my accordion file of inspirational clippings!

Lorrene Baum-Davis said...

We got a singing bowl in the late '80s during our new age studies. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where it went.

Love your honesty... I didn't know I had rituals until I sat down to write. Found I did the same thing every time... So, I guess a ritual.