Monday, February 23, 2009

OAW #4 - The Art Of Fashion

Take a bunch of reality show fashion devotees to a New York museum and see what develops. In season 4, episode 11, the Project Runway designers were turned loose in three or four galleries and allowed to take 30 minutes to jot down some quick sketches.  I really love the winning design, a Spanish Military inspired confection by Christian. 

I took an afternoon with some art books and saw lots of elements that would make stunning jewelry. The drape of fabric has always fascinated me and I see a lot of experimenting with that soon. But I was also drawn to the gilded halos in the paintings of Fra Angelico and other medieval masters.

I must admit, that since the challenge wasn't announced until Wednesday, I didn't really have time to create from scratch.  Since it was soo similar to my original sketches, I re-purposed the wheel of the rolling texture tool made in my Rio certification class, added Keum Boo, a bail fabricated from two pieces of gallery wire and ancient Roman glass to make my piece. Luckily I had the perfect vintage bronze chain to go with it.

Sorry for the lousy photos.  I'm in a rush to get to the Getty at long last! Be sure to check out what Rachelle and Alisa did!


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Love Project Runway and your necklace is intriguing. I like all the textures with the punch of color. Hope you enjoyed the Getty!

kait said...

I LOVE it! While I don't think I would've guessed the inspiration was gilded halos, now that I know, I can't help but see it. Which is as it should be with inspirations, I think. I really like the way you structured the chain, too, with the loop which hangs below the pendant, yet another encircling layer. I'm really enjoying watching you all work through these challenges!