Monday, February 9, 2009

OAW #3 - Iconic Statement

Three down and not sure how many to go. This week we were supposed to channel one of the superstars featured in year 3, episode 6 and design a piece for, in the spirit of or simply inspired by one of them. Our choices were Katherine Hepburn; Audrey Hepburn; Diana Ross; Farrah Fawcett; Marilyn Monroe; Jackie O; Madonna; Twiggy; Pam Grier and my muse, Cher.

I loved the Sanctuary Catalog that Cher produced in the early 90's. There were only 2 editions printed and I owned both.  Wish I still had them.  They're collector's items now. I was also inspired by the necklace tattoo she has (had?) on her left shoulder. I was going to throw together a version of it with bits and pieces I have strewn across my bench, but my muse demanded something just a little different.

Although I've been thinking about it all week, I didn't get started until 10:00 last night and just didn't remember to take step photos. It took me 4 tries to get that danged Faux Bone Maltese Cross right and I was tired!  The front and back silver panels are cold connected with an Amethyst cabochon rivet head I wanted to use as a focal detail. You'll notice that there is only one rivet. For a secure join, you need to have at least two. Which means that there is a tiny bit of my favorite secret weapon in between them. "Jeweler's Cement" (the "G" word). Shhhhh.... Don't tell.

Alisa has great pics of both hers and Rachelle's pieces. I can't decide which I love better. They're both such wonderful abstract interpretations of Madonna's and Jackie O's styles.  Now I'm wondering if mine is too direct. Humpf. There's a good possibility that this will be in my Etsy shop by the end of the week.

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