Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm a Foldin' Fool!

I think I'd take a class with Robert Dancik if he were teaching how to boil water. He's a generous, thorough, supportive, inspirational teacher. And a gentleman and scholar to boot.  I'm not sure I could have had a better weekend.

Forging is using a metal hammer to alter the shape of metal sheet while it is placed on a metal bench block. Forming is using a "soft" hammer such as rawhide, wood or plastic to alter the shape of metal while it is resting on any one of a variety of surfaces.

Fold forming is relatively easy once you get the hang of it.  Not hard on  your arms, wrists, hands or brain. First Robert taught us how to use a belt sander to alter and dress a special "slag" hammer, which was very empowering. 

Then we cut a narrow strip of 24g copper and got to work forging it into a semi circle, just to get used to the motion. He demonstrated many different folds and turned us loose.

I had a fantasy of making a pair of Ram's horn earrings like my friend Tamra does, but evidently it takes a bit of skill to make an attractive shape.  Fancy that.  Not perfect on my first time out the gate. 

Ram's Horn Hoop Earrings by Tamra Gentry

This canoe was really simple, but I like it so much.  I'll make a pendant out of it by the end of the week I bet.

Robert is sure to come back next year. And I think I'll let him choose his own project. I've specifically  requested the past three workshops and have loved them all, but he has sooo many tricks up his sleeve, that I'd like to be surprised next time. Hope you'll join me.


Marbella Designs said...

wow, that looks cool! maybe i'll try that some day.

Vickie Hallmark said...

You're right, Robert would make boiling water into an insightful artistic process, no doubt!

I'd say you did extremely well first time; what are you talking about?

Wendy Traver said...

Great Design. I just took his Craftcast course in Riveting and it was great.

Tamra said...

::Aherm..." You so didn't have to do that...

Your work is really nice, and it looks like you totally understand how to work the curls!

Anyhoo, I've written an outline to teach a fold forming class at a local art center--wish me luck! ;-P

Susan Dilger said...

Great stuff! Another thing to add to my "to learn" list. I'm sure it was an inspirational class with Robert. He's a dear!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Wow! Looks like a fun weekend!