Thursday, January 29, 2009

Today's the Day!

Yesterday I had to go to Albuquerque for a funeral : { . It was a lovely service and we had a simply beautiful crisp and clear day. Seeing both of my cousins together was wonderful and a real treat - even given the circumstances. 

Ford Forlano Bracelets - image via SOFA

Since I had some time before my plane left we took the opportunity to visit Mariposa and IMEC (no website), two of the most wonderful galleries anywhere! I even got to try on a real Ford and Forlano bracelet!!! As beautiful as their work is in the magazines, it's even more amazing in person. And better still on my arm. (tee hee)

Golden Domes

Today is the MetalClay team's trunk show in the Gallery at Etsy. Don't forget to set your alarms for 7:00EST/4:00PST. You wouldn't want to miss it. Above is my contribution to the door prizes. Ain't they purdy?

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