Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Last Traces of Christmas...

Before my blog completely says good bye to 2008, I wanted to share the beautifulness that came out of my attempts at real arts and crafts.

I think I may have mentioned (didn't I?) that I was working on an altered matchbox and ATC for holiday trades with two of my good friends.

Artistic Chaos!

I hand painted both sides of a square of paper for a pinwheel for Paige's box

Shaping the pinwheel on my vise

It was driving me crazy! Cutting and pasting and totally destroying my studiolo.

When good magazines go bad

The red and black fretwork is taken from a magazine advertisement.  I used an Exacto to carefully cut out the openings and pasted a number of different images underneath

Not to mention the angst involved over my crafty talents and whether mine would compare with Michelle' trained artistry or Paige's amazing imagination.

Paige To Lora

Paige To Michelle

Lovely to report that I'm verrry pleased with my own offerings and stunned by the four lovely gifts I received.

Michelle To Paige

Michelle to Lora

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we're planning on doing another smaller trade (or two) before the end of this year.

Lora to Michelle

Lora To Michelle (Detail)

Lora To Paige

Here's to more fun and frivolity in 2009! Enjoy y'all.  That's why we're here.


Maggie said...

They are all gorgeous Lora! I can just imagine what a lovely time you all had, making them and then the lunch where you exchanged them.


Linda-B said...

Chaos or not, it looks like great fun. And the results are truly beautiful!

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks Ladies! It certainly was great fun!

Tonya said...

What great fun! You did an excellent job. I loved the fretwork piece especially. That's very creative.