Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Up And Do It!

I don't do resolutions. I don't like to set myself up for failure. And let's face it - most of us don't keep the resolutions we make for more than a month or two.

I do, however, create intentions. I intend to do (fill in the blank), but if I don't do it in the time frame I had imagined, there's always another chance.  I like it. I may be playing with words. I suppose you could make the case that an intention is the same thing as a resolution, but it makes me feel easier.

So this year, my main intention is to stop procrastinating so much. I'll still do it some, I'm human, but not as much maybe. And I found out this morning that the universe approves of this intention and wants to help. Gee Thanks a lot! Not.

I teach metal clay. I need supplies. Lucky for me that the warehouse happens to be just 20 miles away. So when I forget to place an order in a timely manner I just call and drive over to pick it up. I've done this many, many times.

Today I put in an order for a class this weekend.  It usually only takes a day to get here, so I was proud of myself knowing I'd have my supplies in plenty of time. But Nooooo. They've moved the shipping department to Tennessee! Now it will take 3-4 days to arrive. Dang. I'll be okay this week, but no more thoughtless procrastination for me. No more annoying trips to the valley at the last minute.  If I don't place an order in time, I may as well cancel the class. And we know that ain't gonna happen.

Getting supplies for my upcoming class was first on my agenda this morning.  I also made an appointment with Toyota for my 10,000 mile check up.  Good thing since the car has over 17,000 miles on it. And I made an appointment at Apple's Genius Bar for parts that I neglected to pick up and have installed in July!!! My warranty is up in two more months so I realllly have to take care of it.

I'm feelin' pretty good right about now. Let's see if I can get two samples made by Friday. Oooh, the pressure.


DreamSome said...

I like your idea Lora!!!! I think I'll use it. My intention is to work toward becoming certified, if I actually get certified that'll work too, but I am already set up to take a class that will keep me on that path.

I'm curious where you get your supplies from? I'm always looking for a better price don't ya know. Not able to do wholesale just yet, another intention maybe...I think it is!

Hope yesterday's class went well. Thanks! Kristi

Sue said...

I like the sound of intention much better than resolution. It's a kinder, gentler word, without being wish-washy. Isn't it funny how the universe calls us on these things once we state them?

My intention for this year is to finally, 22 years after finishing art school, take the steps I need to become a full time artist producing my own work. I've been making my living either making or designing for someone else, and it's time to take the plunge (or at least wade in up to my knees!)