Thursday, December 18, 2008

Flash From My Past!

I was doing a bit of cleaning and came across two pieces that were part of my very first "collection" of metal clay jewelry.

These were made of PMC Standard way back in 2000, before there was (or at least before I knew about) PMC+. I stamped many, many different charms with many different positive affirmations and strung them on Soft Flex with luscious gem beads.  Very simple, but popular. 

"Grace" hung from my key chain. Lovely, but not the best choice of metals for a fob. You can see how beat up she got.

I was rolling tiny snakes of clay even back then. No one showed me how, or gave me the idea. I remember being inspired by a favorite Victorian picture frame and wanted to create a decorative border for my words of wisdom.

Nice to see how far I've come. And comforting to know that my present style is firmly rooted in my nascent imagination.

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