Saturday, November 22, 2008

YouTube with Bling!!! is a jewelry website mostly developed for traditional metalsmiths, although many metal clay jewel-ers love it too. Including moi. Especially the Orchid Forums, their answer to our own Yahoo MetalClay forum.

Recently they've developed a terrific spinoff called BenchTube. It's a video tutorial sharing site much like YouTube, but for jewelers. There are lots of great instructional videos for metalsmithing - some that metal clayer's would find really interesting, but there are also four short clips from Tim McCreight's videos for beginners. Hopefully someday soon, there will be more!

This site is well worth a look and a bookmark. Take some time this weekend to peruse the knowledge.

I also discovered that Charles Lewton Brain has written a new Keum Boo book. I loooove Celie Fago's book, but you can never have too much knowledge and Charles just might have another take on the process.

Lot's of good learnin' in the works.


Lisa said...

Wow! Your work is gorgeous. I just came across your blog and glad I did. It's intimidating to me, but I can't stop looking at it!! Awesome stuff!! Lisa

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Gosh, Thanks Lisa. No need for intimidation. There's something for everyone!