Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend Eye Candy - Artiste Edition

1. Final Draft 3, 2. VALERIA Y LA OTRA (detalle), 3. con el corazón en la mano (work in progress), 4. Anders Zorn, etching portrait, 5. Da Vinci -, 6. girl with shawl, 7. that thing that exploded still seems to be burning, 8. in the studio, 9. Girl and her Cat., 10. I found you by chance, 11. Julian Beever 3D Chalk Drawings, 12. redstitch&peepholes-detail        
Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

I've always wanted to be a fine art kind of artist. One to whom sketching and drawing and dare I even think it... painting is not a complete struggle with many erasures and re-do's. I'm so glad to have discovered that I have a talent for working with my fingers and that it translated so easily from make-up to metal clay. But still there are moments when I wish I were what I am not.

Do you ever wish for something more? Ever long for a gift not given? For some reason during this past week, in which we are guided to look at the gifts we DO have, I can't help but glance the other way. Don't worry, it's only fleeting, but a wistful look none the less.

Instead I can find joy in the work of other artists. These are just a few of the talented hands that are my favorites.

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michelle said...

i share your thoughts on wanting to be what you are not! There have been many times when I wish I could put pencil to paper and have things come out of me that were amazing. The eraser was more my friend than the pencil or paintbrush.

It took me many years to find metalsmithing, and I so throughly enjoy it. It was never something I thought I would do, but it came to me by chance and I love it.

Sometimes it takes a while to find that satisfaction in ourselves and our creativity. I am now in tune with mine. A great post