Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Becoming A Techno Wizard!

Computer Code Baby Bib by Colby Lane Designs

Oh My gosh!  I just learned how to do the coolest thing.  If you scroll down past my blog roll, you'll see a new Drop Down menu for the Blog Carnival Archives! I wanted to make finding Etsy MetalClay team member interviews easier on our team blog and searched for a tutorial on Google. It was really easy to do after a couple of mistyped commands. I found the full tutorial here. Not sure if this is for Blogger blogs only, but it's worth a try on your own server.  I'm not gonna re type all the HTML here, but if you follow the directions - you'll master it in no time! Here's a little tip though - the word select in between the < / and > (can't type it in order - it'll be working code!) goes at the very end of your list. No where else. And be careful to note where the quote marks go. Getting those in the wrong place or forgetting them entirely changes everything.

I'm thinking of doing a drop down for my various link lists/blog rolls.  But even I have fun clicking through them every day.  I might not like the rhythm of the drop down. What do YOU think?

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