Thursday, November 6, 2008

Get The Word Out!

It's really important to find creative and entertaining ways to promote your work, if you want to sell it that is.  The other day I read about a great giveaway idea in Beth Cyr's blog. Bookmarks! Simple, but genius. Print photos of your work, text from a poem you wrote or jewelry care information and of course your web site address.

MOO Cards

Moo Stickers

I already have some MOO cards and stickers.  I use the cards as little hang tags on the satin pouches I wrap my jewelry in, and put three stickers on the outside of the shipping envelope or box. Just a little tease of what's hidden inside.  The cool thing about these products is that if you order 100 stickers or cards, you can have 100 different images on them!

I like the idea of the bookmarks though. Everybody reads and everybody has to keep track of where they are in the pages without turning over a corner or breaking the spine of the book. So to have your name, work and contact information at the fingertips of your clients during a time when they're relaxed and enjoying themselves is a brilliant marketing tactic.

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Angela said...

Wow, our minds think alike. I only saw this post today but received my Moo cards almost 2 weeks ago and immediately made bookmarks with a leather strap and bead at the end to give to customers as a little plus.
I thought I was being "original" ha! ha! ha! I looooove Moo cards! Moo itself is so good at marketing. Did you see how cute they come ?! And the little holders ?! I love it ! I'm waiting for the stickers :o) great idea to put them outside the packaging !