Monday, November 3, 2008

Chaos Theory

How does this happen?! I swear my desk/bench top was neat and clean on Thursday afternoon. Then Saturday morning I awoke to a disaster area. The governator really should have sent in Fima. I'm fully convinced it's the work of the same evil shop gnomes that steal sparkly things that fall to the floor and hide your tools just when you were reaching for them.

It took over two hours to get things back to a workable condition. But I guess there were some bits that really did need to be sorted and put away. I uncovered a teacup saucer that the gnomes had filled to the brim with dropped beads, jump rings, wire snippings, drill bits and other flotsam. I used a tweezer to separate everything into piles and then actually put each element away in it's designated container. Ephemera was either thrown out, filed or otherwise dealt with and books were put back on the shelf.

It's a joy just to walk in here now.  Perhaps I should leave a little toast and Brie out for those mischievous gnomes.  They deserve a little treat for *facilitating* the clean up.  Don 't they? Or will it just encourage them to future destruction? Hmmm.....


kait said...

I can SO identify with this! ( And I definitely think the toast and brie is in order!) :)

Angela said...

My very neat and clean sister, who is also a painter, says that there is no movement/progress without chaos. If everything is in its place it's static, no growth, no creation. Ok, ok, too much of a mess stagnates creativity too, I for one can attest to that ! :o)
So now go back and help those gnomes mess up your bench again ! ;o)
And yeah, the Brie isn't only good for the gnomes either :o))))

Angela said...

I forgot to add, I love that cute little wooden organizer you have with those cute drawers !