Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Beauty Begets Beauty

I like to make my own texture plates.  One of my favorite techniques is to etch a piece of copper with an original, hand drawn design.  Well Miss Paige recently came up with the best idea ever! Last week she, Michelle and I drew designs with Painter's Pens all over some thin copper tubing and threw 'em in the acid for a few hours.  After we were done oogling and ahhing we rolled each one over some polymer clay and baked them.

Now we not only have a copper rolling texture tool, but copies of each others designs as well! Paige sawed some of her copper tubes into pieces and made the cutest dang earrings.  I might follow suit. I'm a copier if you didn't know it before.  ;-)

Made from a polymer clay tile imprinted with one of Paige's designs

I'm really loving this idea and will teach it next summer at San Gabriel Bead Company.


Tonya Davidson said...

How fun! So envious you had such a successful playtime. You made such wonderful textures, and pieces! Makes me want to run away from my computer and work and play in my studio.

Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing!



Vickie Hallmark said...

Very clever!!! Nice earring shapes, too.

~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

Thanks you two!

Angela said...

How cool and smart ! Love the look of it. And after making the polymer texture sheets you cut up the tube and have cool etched copper earrings ! Love it ! Tohse earrings look great too !

Clever Endeavor said...

Thanks for the tip Lora! I really need to try etching. Its on my list to do this winter.

Chocolate and Steel said...

sign me up!!! how fun

HappyDayArt! said...

Wow! That is just great! I wish I was there! Catherine