Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All Done!

And it couldn't have been easier!  The entire wait was less than ten minutes! And when I made it into the polling building I was delighted to find that my little neighborhood church was outfitted with the same old punch card equipment that we've been using for decades.  I get such pleasure from piercing the paper with that stylus, hearing the paper pop, feeling the resistance. And I made sure that there would be none of those silly hanging chads that changed the path of our country 8 years ago.

I brought my booklet with me, matched the numbers of my choices to the numbers on the ballot and inserted the stylus into the correct hole.  I was done in moments and back out the door before I knew it.  I was so excited that the experience was so seamless, that I left my keys and purse in the cubicle and had to go back for them. Silly bear.

Whatever the outcome, I'm really proud of our country.  Voters have come out in record numbers to assert their right to choose the leaders of the land. I know what I want to be talking about in the morning, but even if I'm not so pleasantly surprised, I can rest assured that I took an active part in this historic contest.

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