Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Will the Fame Ever Stop?

Y'all know I sell my wares on Etsy.  And I think you know that at one time I applied for membership in a team called Etsy Metal. To make a long story short, I was declined (they're primarily fabricators and I'm primarily metal clay and they didn't think I'd fit) so I decided to make my own team. Nyah. So there!

I started Etsy MetalClay and lots of wonderful folks joined and we're putting together a wonderful team.  Yay! Well, it seems as if the higher ups at Etsy thought that we were cool too so they just wrote an article about us in The Storque, Etsy's own zine!!

Perfect timing.  We've just started up a blog, Liz Hall made us a lovely web site, she and Jen Kahn collaborated on our great logo and we're planning a Valentines Day Trunk show for next year.  Please visit all of our links and if you'd like to be considered for our juried team, convo me at Etsy.

Where you can shop for all things handmade with metal clay!


Jennifer - Beadoodles said...

Yay! What a great idea, and nice looking website.

(too bad I don't work with it regularly to join!)

Lora ~ said...

Maybe this is just the nudge you need to make it an obsession! C'mon. Make pretty things and join our little cult. ;- )

Tamra said...

Congrats, and you go girl!

Ag alchemy said...

Very nice! A new goal for me! Got lots of work to do.......