Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where World's Collide...

{the tail moves :) }

Huzzah to the global community! I think you know I belong to Flickr. And for those of you who might also inhabit that cyber space, you know that friendships can be formed there. Sometimes good friendships.

Not long ago, some of my own Flickr contacts - who seem like friends to me - had a discussion about a red Italian horn charm and what it meant. Remember the ones made out of coral in the 70's and 80's that were so popular? The original form was actually made from dyed horn and is called a Corno. Well, they all decided it might be fun to join in a world wide challenge. They would each create a unique interpretation of the horn, post the results on the same day and eventually list them in their Etsy shops. Then two other artists, who I'm not familiar with, also decided to join in the fun.

So much beauty. I want each one equally. Amazing imaginations, workmanship, creativity, design. I'm so impressed with each artist. And now Etsy has written an article in Storque about the project. You can see all of the projects in one place on Flickr or visit each shop to read descriptions.

What a great idea. One theme, many artists, a stunning array of designs - joined by the common thread of mutual admiration.  It *is* a brave new world to be sure. One that this old fogey is not only learning to accept, but thrive in.

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Angela said...

All just totally fabulous artists, aren't they ?!!! Loved the Storque article too !