Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weekend Eye Candy - You Tube / Halloween Edition

Boy, we just about had the very best time ever at the Trunk Show yesterday.  Thanks to everyone who dropped by.  And we're gonna do it again in January (just in time for Valentines Day), so stay tuned for ongoing developments.

I'm just gonna copy what I just wrote for the Etsy MetalClay team blog.  Instead of the usual Weekend Eye Candy, we're celebrating the holiday with a little fun, video alternative.

Giving oneself a project that will take a whole year to complete is a daunting idea, but the creativity that ensued for Noah Scalin makes me want to take it on! The Skull A - Day project is inspiring in and of itself.  Can you think of a single design that you could exploit, explore and expand on? Every single day? For a YEAR? Sure gets my wheels spinning.  

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