Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to Fake a Bad Photo...

I apologize in advance for the photos I'm posting.  I finally finished the syringe filigree project that I demoed in my Level One class last month and wanted to show it off and explain what a fiddly thing I turned it into. But then I was too lazy to set up the photo tent and lights, so I just used late afternoon apartment light augmented with an Ott light.  This usually works relatively well for me. But this little pendant doesn't have any patina on it and it's really difficult to photograph silver if you're a professional.  If you're a lazy amateur... well, you should just forget about it. Thank goodness for easy photo editing software. I just tuned it up in IPhoto.  It's still too hot though. Fooey.

The project in question requires the student to make a pair of earrings or a pendant using only Syringe type metal clay.  The outside line of mine uses a single extrusion of clay with the tip removed. The inner veins were created with three lines of clay, laying one on top of the other using the pink tip, reinforced with two applications of slip.

I wanted to throw in a faceted stone setting using syringe, so pre-made the two marquis settings, reinforced with one layer of slip, let them dry and then "glued" them in place with more slip and syringe.  Then there was nowhere to drill a hanging hole, so I also attached a tiny bail I had laying around.  That's where the fiddly comes in. As I was doing a preliminary sanding the bail/stones half cracked off.  Dang!  So I rejoined them with slip, placed a decorative "band-aid" over the break and held my breath.

I had to smooth and fill and reinforce and sand and back fill - ad nauseum.  I can never just let anything be.  Learn to love the "organic" nature of metal clay. Heaven forfend!

But attention to detail really pays off.  I think it turned out beautifully.  A perfect example of the project as it was intended. And it really deserves a better series of pictures.  Which I'll take... next week?  Soon at any rate. 

I also spent the morning updating my Certification Class blog. Take a look and tell me what you think.  The next Level One isn't scheduled until January, so no fear of pressure selling tactics. ;- )

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