Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You Tube Tuesdays

Steve Ford and David Forlano met in Italy two decades ago during  a "year abroad" program in art school.  They were immediately intrigued with the differences in their artistic styles and began swapping unfinished work, each adding something of himself to the other's designs. Eventually this led to a professional partnership which has developed into the most elegant line of polymer clay jewelry that I've ever seen.  Their use of color, texture and form is unparalleled - breaking common shapes apart and re assembling them in unique and often whimsical ways.

This video is a fascinating peek behind the scenes, allowing a first hand glimpse into the running of a successful, artistic studio.


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Beautiful collaborative work! Thanks for introducing these artists to me :)

Angela said...

They really do amazing work, I'm a fan ! Thanks so much for the video, I had never seen it. Wonderful ! The number and sizes of available canes, how they work in collaboration, all of it is just inspirational.