Thursday, September 25, 2008

My So-Called Life

Three incisions this time.  Pretty.

Yesterday I got my stitches out!  Yay!  Still no bath for ten more days and Cling Wrap to protect it while taking a shower, but I'm so happy to have a naked foot (instead of a bandaged one). But why is it that when you're told "no" about anything at all, that's all you want. No chocolate? Gotta get to the ice cream shop right away. Grounded at home? There's a party, concert, lecture, fill in the blank - that you simply must attend. No bath? That's all I dream of. A good long soak. With really hot water. Mmmmm. Heaven.

Today I had lunch with my friend Lori and created some documents to post on the Etsy MetalClay site. This afternoon, I'm back to preparing for my class this weekend.  Packing things up, making sure I have every tool and supply that I might need. Then laundry, shower (complete with a Cling Wrapped foot) and beddy bye. Too much boring, personal information right? I lead such a glamorous life. 


Tamra said...

Bubbles, man, you forgot to add bubbles! Or salts--but I imagine salts would burn...

Congrats on getting the stitches out!

Lora ~ said...

Oh God! How could I forget bubbles? I'll have to run right out and get some.