Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like The Beat, Beat, Beat of the Tom Tom...

Machine made by GE. They bring good things to life. Ha!

What an interesting experience having an MRI is!  You lie down on a table that is attached to the big cylindrical machine and place your head in a cradle so you don't move.  That's the moment when I close my eyes. I have a touch of claustrophobia so I don't want to see them put the head gear on that completely immobilizes you.

Then they roll you back all the way into the guts of the machine. As you move backwards your arms are pressed against the side of the tunnel so that you quite understand how a sardine must feel packed into it's tiny tin. The technician doesn't want you to move a muscle, so you better like your hand/arm position. I chose hands folded across my chest.  Very coffin like indeed. The moment  you're in position, the machine starts it's percussive dance. You hear a series of clicks, thumps and buzzes that last anywhere from a few seconds to maybe 30 seconds at a time. It's quite the cacophony. A heavy metal drummer gone mad.  They give you earplugs, but the sound bleeds through.

Sometimes the table actually vibrates, which feels rather good. A  bonus massage. Sometimes it moves back and forth in a robotic cha-cha. After about 15 minutes, they pulled me out to inject a contrast dye into my arm. The contrast allows them to see certain aspects of the brain more clearly. You don't feel it at all. Then the jungle rhythm starts again. Ten minutes later you're all done. Put your jewelry back on, walk out into the sunshine and it's like it never happened.

Now they have to compare the results to the EEG I did last week and sooner or later my Neurologist will tell me what they found. Probably nothing. Sometimes stuff just happens with no rhyme or reason. Kinda like life.

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