Monday, September 22, 2008


I've discovered that BronzClay is so much harder than silver clay that it takes much longer to drill holes in the fired metal. Note to self: ask the experts if I should use a different type of drill bit.

I've discovered that hydrochloric acid (aka Black Max) just rubs right off. It's more time consuming, but LOS is the thing to use for sure.

I've discovered that gold fill looks just fine, but that I need to place an order for bronze wire, chain and findings with Vintaj.

I've discovered that I love the warm tones of the bronze.

I've discovered that I'm sad that soldering will be more difficult. I'm not a real fan of wire wrapping in my own work (although I like it in others).

It was supposed to look like this, but broke as I was distressing the edges.

I've discovered that accidents and unintentional breakage can be a very happy occurrence.

Available for sale on Etsy.


Angela said...

Absolutely wonderful ! the silver one is quite elegant too !

kait said...

Yes, both pieces are lovely!
It's fun to try something new and see what works and what doesn't, isn't it?