Friday, August 8, 2008

Weekend Eye Candy

Edith Bellod

I'm back and furiously updating my Etsy shop, preparing for a Little Alters class tomorrow (which I'll also be teaching at the PMCC retreat at Arrowmont in April 2009) and getting ready to go back into the hospital on Wednesday so they can take the pins out of my foot.  Then maybe I'll be done with my physical traumas.

Julie Blyfield

In the meantime, take a look at the wonderful jewelry artists featured by Galerie Helene Poree.

Peter Bauhuis

Then be prepared to be inspired to make a stunning creation of your own.

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Angela said...

Great choice in mentioning Hélène Porée Gallery ! It's just a few block from our apartment and I LOVE going by there ! It's one of the rare jewelry galleries in Paris, believe it or not ! She also has some ceramics. Great place for sure !

Good luck with your foot and what follows Wednesday ! You'll soon be hipping hopping and jumping ... no one will catch you ! ;o) Arrowmont , hum ?! Yay ! That'll be a wonderful retreat for sure !