Sunday, August 24, 2008

Show Off!

The view from the door of Libby's own studio

So, didja all like the tours of our studios this weekend? Wanna show off your own, but don't know where? Well, this is your lucky day.

The Library

Libby Mills, creator of the Lizboid blog is looking for a few brave volunteers to populate her great Studio Snapshot series. I was featured a while back and it's not only easy, it's super fun.  Wish I could do it again.  I've thought of better comments for the interview portion.  

The Beading Area 

So if you can answer a couple of questions and click off a couple of photos, you too can amaze (and amuse) the blogosphere with your little corner of nirvana.

What are you waiting for? This could be your great opportunity for fame and recognition.  :¬ )


Libby said...

I recognize that studio! Well, almost, it's really messy right now and I moved the bookcases out into the hall to make room for some larger tools.

Thanks for the plug. I really hope I can get some more people to participate. It's so much fun to see the spaces behind the art.

Thanks also for sharing your studiolo. (That's the greatest name!)

Lora ~ said...

Gee, that was quick! How'd you find out so fast? I just got finished editing it.

And you're welcome. I had so much fun doing the Studio Snapshot myself, and this weekend's look see's were great, and I just love looking into people's personal spaces. And when they invite you it's even better. Less explaining to the authorities that way.