Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays...

The frustration continues.  Maybe all frustration should come in bursts, then one could be left alone for long stretches at a time.

Woke up Sunday morning all ready, willing and able to take some new shots of pretty trinkets for my Etsy shop.  Got all set up with the lights, props, jewels - turned on the digital camera, looked through the view finder/screen and... no picture.  Just shifting streaks of grey and black. Huh? Newish camera. Just four years old. For gosh sakes, my Kodak Instamatic still works! Maybe it's the battery. I change it. Success! I'm able to get off one shot before the streaks return. Dang!!

So off I go in the car to the local camera store. Which is right in that very cool brick building right on the corner over there.... no... it's a tattoo studio! Double dang. The camera store must have closed. So I decide to just drive a couple of miles to Sammy's Camera which started life as a camera and supply shop to the entertainment and editorial photography world in Hollywood. This is the second location and I know that they're really knowledgeable and even though my little camera is not a professional model, I'm confident they can solve the problem. So I show the salesman what's going on, expecting him to need to take in the camera and send it off to Canon, or at least confer with someone in *the back*...  But noooo. Digital camera's are not fixable and only have a life span of about 3-5 years.  I just have to buy a new one.

I spent a lot of time researching my PowerShot A95. Read up on referrals on the Orchid forum. Comparison shopped online.  Got a great deal on e-bay.  I have no energy for that now.  So I just asked for recommendations and chose the new version of the same camera. The Canon PowerShot A590 IS. It's smaller, lighter, 8 mega pixels instead of 5 and even has an image stabilizer. And it costs less than my previous one to boot! Gotta love that.

And have you been looking at the pictures sprinkled throughout this post? Aren't they great?! They're all taken with AutoFocus too. I have two semi professional lights and a white nylon box/tent thingie, but I'm too lazy to think about aperture and all that, so a camera that takes these kinds of pictures is certainly the silver lining to having to spend a couple hundred unexpected dollars.

Why don't you go over to the Etsy shop and take a gander.  It's looking gooood.


Vickie Hallmark said...

OMG, your earrings are just too wonderful! I love the pair I own and now I'm being tempted again. Those pearl cloches are just too perfect.

Lora ~ said...

Hi Miss Vickie! Thanks for reading my blog. Why deny yourself?! I think you deserve a new little trinket. :¬ )

jacqui said...

the photos look beautiful. new camera ...good!
did this actually work? I've never "left a comment" before.

Angela said...

Oh Heavens ! At least now you got a new camera - ctually a cam-corder which takes pictures and which the film part stopped working 2 years ago, but still takes great photos. It has been wanting to leave me (screws have gotten lost and such) but I keep hanging on til the screen turns black like yours. I was suggested a Canon G9, or something like that, but it's not totally automatic. I'll keep your model in mind, your photos are great, and those earrings .... hmmmm !!!!

Tamra said...

Excellent photos! [Go on with your bad self!!!]

Absolutely gorgeous jewelry, of course.

sophie (duckduckgoosestuff) said...

Lora - I have just seen this post.
I had a similar (total black screen, in the end) problem with my canon digital ixus II - I know this has a different name in the States. ANYWAY. It turned out to be a "known problem". I contacted the authorised cnaon repairers, sent them the camera, and canon sent me a new one, free.
doesn;t matter how old it was, it was their fault.