Monday, August 11, 2008

Morning Mosaic

1. Paper Sculpture (Red and White), 2. Chain, 3. Final Draft 3, 4. tako, 5. vespa, 6. rika mouw - pierscionki, 7. Roman-British 'Chateleine' 2-3c, 8. brooch, 9. Metal Canister, 10. Girl with Magic Fruit., 11. Quartz No.6, 12. Spikey Critter 3, 13. The Secret. (1997), 14. veins, 15. Corseted Lady, 16. Ascend Pendant

I'm having a play day with Paige and Michelle and was in need of  a little inspiration, so I wandered through my Flickr contacts and was so overwhelmed with the creativity and talent stored there that I just had to share with you. I want to own every single thing in this mosaic. But what else is new!  I've wanted to surround myself with beautiful things ever since I can remember. 

Click on the mosaic to see a larger view.  Hope it inspires a little burst of imagination in you too. 

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