Friday, July 25, 2008

Weekend Eye Candy

Brooch by Iris Aglom via Klimt02

I just looove jewelry makers.  Whatever their process, favorite materials or style.  There's always something that sparks my imagination.  My tastes run more towards art/studio jewelry, but I even get ideas from what Maggie Bergman from Australia calls red, white and blue jewelry. Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires.  In other words traditional gold or platinum wedding ring/Oscar worthy type designs. 

I don't look at other artists work to copy or emulate their style.  I want to absorb their construction, found materials choices, clasps, connections and shapes.  And I try not to do a sketch of an entire piece, just the bit I want to remember.  Then I put it away and let it percolate.  The next time I sit down at my bench those elements have migrated into my own aesthetic and I can feel free to use them - knowing I'm not copying, but just using them as a jumping off place.

"Fruit 2008" by Myung Urso via Klimt02

Navigating around Klimt02 is kind of like finding your way through a renaissance hedge maze. There are beautiful examples at every twist and turn, but be careful you don't get lost in the carefully manicured forest.  Some of the work I really resonate with, some leaves me wondering why bother?  But if I look closely enough, there's always something there that I hadn't imagined before and it makes me think. 

From the Stained Cell Series via Vena Rust

18kt. is much more eyes straight forward.  A long restful walk through a hall of wonders.  In her wonderful blog, Marta Sanchez shows multiple images of each artist's work. I love how some of them have taken one simple element or theme and expanded on it to create an entire line of unique jewelry.

Take a tour this weekend and start a visual journal of work that inspires you, sketch out the bits and pieces.  Then go out into a lovely day and play.  When you come back I bet you have an idea or two just bursting to be realized.

Ring by Senay Akin via 18kt 


masaoms said...

Wow, really beautiful text, i'm really honored to be part of it! Thank you very much!!
Have a nice weekend!

gilflingsdesigns said...

Oh wow some serious eye candy here!! I must check out those websites you mention. I love the way you descibe the process of inspiration, separation and then 'making it your own' - such an important process to go through.

Thank you so much for your comments on my unfortunate incident!! I am feeling so much better know - just badly bruised, I think it was my pride that came out the worst!!

Have a great week/end!

Tamra said...

I LOVE this post!

Aaaaahhhhh...I aspire to be able to do work like this one day. Love this stuff!