Monday, June 23, 2008


Libby Mills, creator of the blog Lizboid has just featured me in her great Studio Snapshot series!  Libby regularly interviews jewelry makers about their workspaces, complete with enlarge-able pictures and links to their sites.  I've been a fan of her interviews for quite a while now.  They're always interesting and the artists she profiles have such a wide range of different skills, studio set-ups and interests.  I'm really honored to have been placed in Libby's spotlight.

Why doncha go take a little look at Libby's beautiful work and then make a detour to her blog and  see the cozy Studiolo where I create my mini masterpieces?!


Libby said...

Thanks for letting me give everyone a peek inside your "studiolo" (I love that name!). Your studio is a marvel of compact efficiency. Thanks again.

Ag alchemy said...

What an honor, my dear! You do have some beauties come out of the "Studiolo", I must say! Nice interview!


Tamra said...

Love the organization! My gosh, you might be a little bit more OC than me! ;-)

Lora ~ said...

It's only 11' x 7'. I have to be organized. And I do love my containers. And labels. I'd go broke if there were an organizer store in my neighborhood. As it is, I'm always thinking of alternate uses for any kind of container I come across.