Friday, June 13, 2008

Urban Wild Life

There's nothing like being woken up at 5:00 in the morning by a flock of screaming parrots.  No alarm clock made could ever do as well.  Actually I quite like them.  And the noise.  Although I'm also grateful when they move on for the day.

It's quite the phenomenon, these city dwelling jungle birds.  There are reports of wild parrots residing in Pasadena, Venice, Long Beach and other parts of Los Angeles; San Diego; Brooklyn; Miami; and most famously San Francisco.   "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill" is a very good documentary that I happened to catch on PBS recently about one of these flocks and a previously homeless man who took care of them and documented their every move for years. You can see an interview with the film makers here

I'm sure there are flocks in other states too, I just haven't read or heard about them. I'm familiar with the myth that a pet store burned down in the 20's or 30's (or in the case of L.A. - Busch Gardens closing) and the birds escaped, and so is every other resident of every other city where wild bird meets city bird.  It's a mystery as to how these gorgeous creatures decided fly our friendly skies, breed in our palm trees and otherwise populate our landscape.

Whether escapees from the exotic bird trade or a pet store disaster - or even if they're simply long distance travelers enjoying the flora and fauna offered in our lands up north, I love every little bit of wildlife that inhabits my big city. 


kait said...

wow, what a crazy unique thing! Those of us in these northern climes would never imagine such a thing. Lucky you!

Lora ~ said...

Yeah it's verrry cool. Parrots in my palm tree. hawks circling overhead and deer by the Getty museum next to the 405 Freeway. Not to mention the possums who live in the gutters and sewers. Not so unusual I guess, but as I said.. Any appearance of wild life makes me happy.

Tamra said...

They're here too... There's a park here, Washington Park, that's full of them. I think they migrated from Brazil or something like that.

They started off with a nest at Adler Planetarium, but since then the population has exploded.

I'd love to have one as a pet...