Monday, June 16, 2008

Fabulous Phalanges!

Image via The Carrotbox

I just had to share.  In case some of you don't click down my jewelry link list every day...  This amazing ring by Yu-Wen Lu is a little personal engine.  When you drum your fingers in boredom or while thinking deep thoughts, wires riveted to other wires and silver levers rise and fall - animating the red ball of  fluff.  It's like a shiny, steamy Borg inspired robo spider playing a human finger organ.  I'd love to know what it sounds like.  

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Meltem said...

Very different and amazing design. Hi Lora. I'm Meltem from Istanbul-Turkey. Nice to meet you. I'm also jewelry designer. I'm waiting you my blogs. and
I'm preparing for Etsy these days. I hope see you again.