Monday, June 2, 2008

Evolution of a Ring

Cash Ring

A cyber friend of mine named Janos Gabor Varg recently made this stunning Mercury head coin ring using an ordinary iron pipe for the shank and was generous enough to share some process shots on Flickr. Look to the right for a double photo box titled "tube setting tutorial set" and click on each right hand picture.

Janos trained as an agronomist, specializing in animal breeding - but now works as a jeweler full time.  His jewelry is just beautiful, as you'll see if you take a look at his photostream. And it's available on Etsy of course, under the shop name "Blind Spot Jewelry". (Does it seem like I'm stuck on Etsy lately? There's just so much great talent to be discovered there.)

Take a minute to check out his workshop space too. It's a dream for me, working out of my own 11' x 7' studiolo to have a bench as well equipped as his.  If you read all the little notes on the photos, you can see how much of his equipment is "make do", things he found or had around the house and modified to suit his purposes.

If you couldn't tell before, I've become quite the Flickr junkie during my convalescence and am finding it hard to cut back or break the habit.  But the amazing insight that these cyber social groups offer into the lives, thoughts and endeavors of our fellow world travelers is just so exciting and inspiring. If you haven't explored the world wide web in this way yet, I highly recommend it.

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