Friday, May 2, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho - It's Off to Work I Go!

The weekend is coming up and I'm preparing for my first classes in two and a half months.  I have Intro classes both Saturday and Sunday and they're each full!  Huzzah!  A full class for me is 12 students, so I'm really coming back full force.  I expect to be comatose on Monday. Luckily my friend Paige, who has been taking such good care of me during this trying time, is assisting me.  She'll be driving, lugging, toting and helping me set up the room.  I'll just position myself at the front of the class and perform my teaching duties from there.  I'm still using the walker, so going from student to student will be tricky for the next month.
While I'm away, I thought I'd leave you with some visual eye candy to inspire your creative inclinations.  As artists I think we all collect websites of individual jewelry makers that we admire, but I really like to visit sites that feature a variety of artists.  Some are more commercial and others focus on studio jewelry.  These are just a few of my favorites.  As you browse, why not listen to an interview with Robert Dancik, Tim McCreight, Barbara Becker Simon or one of the other talented artists who have been featured on CraftCast?  

Craft Boston - Sort by media type / jewelry 

And if you hadn't noticed in the side bar...

Have a lovely weekend!  See you on Monday.

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