Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Eye Candy

Kristin Lora - Brooch

Well, if yesterday's post with the link to my new shop wasn't enough Eye Candy for your weekend, check out Facere Gallery in Seattle, Washington and Moondance in my own neighborhood of Santa Monica, California.  

Jude Clark - Little Sparrow


Each of their online galleries offer work by a plethora of artists, so I know just these two will keep you extremely busy and inspire you to shut off the computer and create. 

Anthony Nak - Blue Topaz Earrings

Kristin Lora - Brush Pendant

Keep an eye out for connections, materials, closures and even packaging while you scan the pretties.  I was especially impressed with the goods from Dogeared at Moondance.  The jewelry itself is pretty simple, but the packaging makes a great presentation and really adds value to the line.

Jessica Calderwood - To Shave or Not To Shave

St. Kilda - Iris Crescent Necklace

The two galleries obviously have a different perspective on the artists they represent.  One displays work that is much more main stream and the other features studio artists who create one of a kind pieces.  I prefer the latter, but there is definitely a place in the retail world for the former.  Which do you like?


jpnksmith said...

Your blog rocks! Only problem is I spent way too much time on it.
Lots of cool stuff at both Facere and Moondance. I admired the creativity of some of the more off the wall merchandise at Facere but I definitely saw more I wanted to wear at Moondance. So there's my two cents.
Cuz JP

Lora ~ said...

I think I kind of knew you would feel that way. I know your taste. :¬ )

Angela said...

Hey ! You fond another brush !! ;) That one is really cool, I can see why you posted it.

alisa said...

i'm partial to facere. 'cause, you know, they sell my stuff. :-) biba schutz is my favorite there.